Jesus Christ and his gift of Life and forgiveness is at the center of all we do at Zion Lutheran Church. Many of us have lived in El Paso all our lives but also many of us have moved to town because of military service, family connections, or work. Some of us have just recently discovered the joys and peace given through faith in Jesus Christ, and others of us have been Christians for many, many years.

At Zion, you will find opportunities to explore and learn what the Bible says about Jesus Christ, about life’s challenges, about God’s gifts, and about eternity. At Zion you will find a community of faith that impacts this world and brings joy to the lives of others…even as you yourself and your family discover the life-changing impact of Christ. Come see for yourself. God’s deep love and eternal life is also FOR YOU.

Zion is a congregation of the LCMS and recently celebrated its 110th Anniversary. We have had the long-standing joy of service to and with the military families of Ft. Bliss.

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