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  • Joining-Jesus-txt-2100x1500

    Joining Jesus on His Mission

    The message of this book and its “bottom line” might spell the difference between the Christian church in our nation slowly fading into isolation and...

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    Easter Lilies – In Honor, In Memory

    It has been our tradition at Easter to purchase Easter Lilies to adorn the church as we proclaim “Jesus is Risen!”  The lily’s trumpet-like shape...

  • 2/15/15

    Zion’s Mexico Mission Support

    Zion has a long history of engagement in local missions, including support of outreach and ministry across the border in Ciudad Juarez.  Many Zion members...

  • zion-back-entrance

    LCMS Grants Zion Funds for Flood Repairs

    When flash flood waters rushed down the mountainside and through the streets of El Paso on September 16, 2014, some of those waters made it into...

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    Q&A – Does God test us?

    “Does God test us?” This week’s featured Q&A was broadcast on the Lutheran Hour radio program on March 3, 2015 and addresses questions surrounding the...

  • pray_6463cp

    Q&A – Praying for or against our enemies?

    “Should we pray for or pray against our enemies?” Today’s featured Q&A was broadcast recently and addresses some questions that have come up in Bible...

  • 3/7/15

    Community Care Project at Macias Home

    March 7th was an awesome day working with the Macias family on some home improvements. Thank you Thrivent Financial and some other generous donors for...