Zion’s Grow in the Word Groups

September 14th was ‘Grow in the Word Sunday’ at Zion. That day, Pastor Stephen Heimer explained that its purpose was to “celebrate the ministries of Christian Education at Zion, encourage participation, and install and bless all the Sunday School teachers, Bible Study leaders, and Zion Day School teachers.” These teachers and leaders were recognized before the congregation during the service and afterward in a reception in the Fellowship Hall.

Several members of Zion had great things to say about the time they spend in Sunday School and Bible Study groups. Siblings Skyeler (age 13) and Maguire (age 12) have attended Zion for five years and participate in confirmation class on Sunday mornings.

“It’s fun to learn from Pastor Heimer,” said Maguire, who is in seventh grade. “He teaches us and afterwards [in church] he tells a sermon about what we learned. Right now we’re going over the Ten Commandments.”

Skyeler, who is in eighth grade, appreciates the personal attention she receives during Sunday school.

“I like Sunday School because it’s more of an individual thing,” she said. “I like that it’s the pastor teaching us and not someone else. It makes learning fun and we learn a lot.”

Also on Sundays, beginning at 9:15 AM, is the Adult Bible Study Class led by Tim Eyerman. On Tuesdays at Zion LifeLight Central takes place. This study is led by Pastor Howard Patten. The group is currently in an intense study of the book of the prophet Isaiah. Alex and Mary Sanchez have attended the LifeLight Central Bible study regularly for three years. Describing his experience, Alex Sanchez said,

“It’s great to participate in learning the Word as well as learning the history of the Christian Church and to have fellowship during the week. It reminds me of why we are here. It’s a good Christian experience and it brings everybody together in a neutral location. We can discuss any number of topics and we actually bring other people from the community in as well. We have several people from the Roman Catholic Church, other friends and family members, and sometimes people from Northeast El Paso.”

The Women’s Bible Study Group meets every Wednesday morning at Zion at 8:45. The group is led by Krysia Heimer and was initiated to serve the time and location needs of moms with young children, but it isn’t limited only to moms. In fact participants are glad for all the different life-perspective provided by the different women participating each week. One group member that has young children is Carly Meers. She said,

“I really like the socialization with other moms and I’ve also enjoyed how Krysia relates the study to everyday life and how we talk about a Bible story that related with it. The group was especially great in the summer because it gave my kids playgroup time!”

The Wednesday morning Women’s Bible Study Group will soon enter into another study and themembers are currently deciding whether it should be a video or book Bible study.

In these fall months all members of Zion are encouraged to participate in a Bible class which might be closer to your home than you expect. Two groups meet on the East side of El Paso, one group on the west side, four groups meet at Zion on different days at different times.

These groups include LifeLight East, Mayaluna Bible Study, The Women’s Bible Study, LifeLight Central, Berea Bible Study, and the Lower Valley Bible Study. The teachers and participants commit their time to the study and discernment of the Word. For a full listing of classes and times and locations please visit the Zion website (www.zionelpaso.org ) or call the church office at 915-566-4667.

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