Zion Day School’s Gospel Outreach

“Since 1995 Zion Day School has reached 320 families and 362 children,” says Nancy Cagann, the school’s director. “These kids grow and some graduate from good schools like Columbia University and Cornell, and they got their start at Zion. It’s a partnership. They have great families that love the Lord and we are happy of be a part of that.”

Zion Lutheran Day School is an important part of the ongoing ministry of Zion Lutheran Church which fulfills our mission to be a loving, nurturing outreach to the community. Up to fifty children each year, ages 2 through Kindergarten, enroll at the day school, where an early childhood education with faith at its core of offered.

dayschoolsing2014-11On Sunday, November 9, a portion of Zion Day School’s students spread the gospel through song for the Zion Lutheran Church’s congregation. “This is part of Zion Day School’s mission to reach out to the community and Ft. Bliss in the name of Christ,” explains Cagann.

“We like to have the kids sing in church a couple times per year,” Cagann adds. “They are being God’s helpers because God asks them to tell people about Jesus. Little kids are usually told what to do; but now the mommies and daddies are sitting and being quiet and the children are the teachers. This gives them an opportunity to share their faith and their parents can see that they joyfully worship! We had a blast and they did a great job!”

By focusing on a Christ-based curriculum, Bible stories and song, character training, good manners and hands-on learning, Zion Day School staff and programs have steadily increased since 1995, when the school re-opened after being closed for building upgrades from 1985 to 1994.

Cagann began as a teacher at Zion Day School in 1979 and her son Jason attended from age’s three to four. How has Zion Day School continued to operate, grow and maintain veteran staff over the years? According to Cagann, “We love and care for the children like we love and care for our own kids. We try to take care of our families and give them a place where they can form relationships with other parents. This year we have 16 military families!”

Zion Day School partially relies on Zion Lutheran Church’s congregation’s support to operate and the students worship with Zion pastor Stephen Heimer every Wednesday. “It’s amazing to see how Zion has this connection with the school and the church gets to see where their money goes.”

Zion Day School staff members hope to continue to work closely with Zion Church members and the community at large. With Cagann’s direction and the kids participation in spreading the gospel, the collaboration seems like a sure bet.

“I love the kids and I love working together with the families,” concludes Cagann. “It takes extra time but the payoff is building relationships. It’s an awesome privilege and responsibility.”

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