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As Fall continues, we see pumpkin patches popping up along with bats, fall leaves, spiders and owls. We continue to check outside, but so far, the leaves on our trees are still green! All God needed to do was speak, and His wonderful, amazing world was created. Each day we are able to celebrate God’s marvelous creation. With thanksgiving we are reminded that God is in charge, taking care of everything so that we have no need to worry. Indeed there is power in God’s word! As He continues to speak, we hear His words in the Bible and during Chapel. As we hear what the Bible tells us, we grow in peace, one of the fruits God grows in our hearts. We are so thankful for Bible Story Time in our classrooms and for Chapel Time where we gather to worship, pray, praise, and GROW!

Our Let’s Pretend Party was great fun with the children and staff pretending to be someone or something else for the day, and gave us a chance to explore the difference between real and pretend. Most of all, we are thankful that we have a REAL God who loves and takes care of us every day!!

The children are preparing songs to share with you when they sing during church on November the 9th. We will be needing help with refreshments on that day. Won’t you please bring along a couple dozen cookies to share.

God’s Peace to each of you!!

Nancy Cagann and Staff of Zion Day School

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