Vital News of Victory for Children

Children need Jesus.  Year round we are all working to bring God’s truths and promises to life in the minds, hearts, and memories of our children.  We have Bibles and Bible story books for parents to read to their children at home, we have a Day School that teaches the Bible, we have Sunday School for those too old or unable to enroll in the Day School, we encourage children to be present in our worship services… all so that God’s Word and ways would bless their lives, their faith, and their joy in the Lord.

Still thousands of of children in our El Paso/Juarez metroplex are not being taught about Jesus.  All around our homes and around the Zion church building are children immersed in televisions, telephone screens, and everything/anything our increasingly Godless society would funnel to them in pursuit of a following and of advertising dollars.

VBS (Vacation Bible School) is a special outreach and education effort of Zion to teach the children in our life, PLUS  dozens more children who we do not yet know very well, some life-changing truths about Christ.  Five days of exciting Biblical truth, packaged in extra-special decor and fun activities, we pray the event will attract the participation of families who do not normally care about their children’s or their neighbor’s children’s faith.

With many of you already volunteering as teachers, song-leaders, group guides, cooks, decorators, and more, the biggest, additional work we need to do is to INVITE, INVITE, INVITE.  Is there a family with children you know even just a little?  Is there a teenager in your life who might join you in helping out?  INVITE, INVITE, INVITE.

I’ve met several adults my age who told me that they were introduced to Jesus Christ as children through Vacation Bible School.  Their parents did not care about Christ (or maybe talked the talk but never walked the walk of faith), but it was adult friends who invited, who provided a ride, and who made the week a joy. Praise God for the adults thirty years ago who made it happen for them.  Today, in 2017, I invite, invite, invite YOU to take advantage of this vital Zion outreach opportunity and help us fill the building on July 17-21.

Take some registration forms home with you this Sunday, or download them from our website, and reach out to someone in your life with the Good News of victory in Jesus Christ.

in Christ’s love,

Pastor Stephen


When: Monday, July 17 to Friday, July 21

Time:  5:00 PM – 8:15 PM

Dinner at 5 PM, program from 6-8.

Where: Zion Lutheran Church, 2800 Pershing Dr.



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