Two New Bible Study Groups

New Year’s Resolutions? Two new small group Bible Study and discussion offerings begin this new month and new year. If you have been thinking about or perhaps even looking toward increasing your knowledge of the Scriptures and deepening your faith life as part of a new year’s discipline a small group can be a good place to begin.

Study 1 –“ Exodus I” A study and discussion of Old Testament history, especially the Covenant relationship God establishes with a slave people rescued from Egypt, 3500 years ago and His unfolding rescue of all humankind begins January 15 in the Church “Fellowship Hall”. This 9 week study will cover the call of an Egyptian prince, Moses, his brother Aaron, and sister Miriam to lead and shape a nation of slaves into a people with the greatest mission and purpose of any people in history. Some homework is suggested, but not mandatory. The study and discussion is guided by Pastor Patten but actually led by the interest and discoveries of the participants. The study of this period of Old Testament history is fundamental to an understanding of our heavenly Father’s mission to redeem His Creation and rescue the crown of His creation humankind.

An Introduction to Old Testament History – Beginning January 15; Tuesday evenings 7:00 – 8:30 pm.; 9 weeks; Fellowship Hall; Study materials provided … bring your favorite Bible translation; Coffee, etc. provided.
Study 2 – “The Old Testament Festivals – Meanings and Impact Today” These studies and discussions of the divinely prescribed Festivals of the Old Testament and the practices and impact that these Festivals continue to exercise today begins Thursday January 17, 5:30 pm. The small group participants will meet each week for a total of 9 weeks at Barbara Upsahl’s “Mayaluna Yarn Shop” on the West side near the corner of North Mesa and Doniphan. The studies – led by Pastor Patten – are designed to be interdenominational so if you are interested and would like to invite a non-Lutheran friend you and he or she are invited. Although most of the major Festivals “Yahweh” prescribed for the Children of Israel were initiated over 3000 years ago some are of more recent origin (ca. 400 B.C.) and all still remain formative for both Christian and Jewish believers. The topic, study, and contemporary impact form a fascinating insight into God’s purpose yesterday, today, and always but do not presuppose great knowledge of the sacred texts.

“The Festivals of the Old Testament and Impact Today” – Beginning January 17; Thursdays evenings 5:30-7:00 pm.; 9 weeks; Mayaluna Yarn Shop; Study materials provided … bring your favorite Bible translation; The supper hour will be recognized with light refreshments.

At a time of the year when many people think of giving up something … weight … bad habits … January is an extraordinary time to take up an experience that encourages, renews, and refreshes both body and soul. Look forward to including you in the studies, the discussions, the fellowship, and the spiritual growth.

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