Thank You for the Anniversary Celebration

My mother taught me that when you are so grateful for a gift, a kindness, or a grace you don’t know how to say “Thank You” … just say, “Thank You!”

I have said these heartfelt words from Marilyn and myself to many of you individually, but also need to say this to all of you at Zion. Thank you for the gift, the kindness, and the grace of the celebration and remembrance of the 50th Anniversary of my ordination into the pastoral ministry, July 29th, 1962 and the recognition and celebration of Jim Pofahl’s 75th anniversary of servant leadership at Zion. The weekend, the day, the events, and God’s grace were spectacular.

Thanks to the Council and congregation for making it possible for my brother-in-law Pastor David Marth and sister Mary to be present and serve as the preacher for the day. Thanks for the celebration meal for Jim and myself following the worship service. The auditorium never looked more festive or gracious thanks to Charlie, Alex, and the gifted women who set up for the meal. Thanks to Pastor Stephen and Lizette who put together the pictorial histories of the Pofahls and Pattens and for the worship service folders that were so well done. Thanks to the Mariachi musicians of San Pablo and to David Garcia who brought spiritual, liturgical, and cultural dimension to our worship that could not be expressed or experienced any other way.

Thanks to John Williamson who together with Lizette communicated the anniversary occasion with past congregations and many friends who responded with a veritable flood of prayers and congratulations. Thanks also to all those who made the service and event memorable and possible–acolytes, soloists, ushers, elders, cooks, and especially those servant brothers and sisters who cleaned up following the dinner. And finally, thank you to Zion for the hospitality you afforded everyone who attended from near and far and for the extraordinary kindness and graciousness given to Jim and myself.

Marilyn and I have had many opportunities to reflect on our years of service to Christ, His Church and His saints in the past weeks and they seem to be gathered into this: In Jesus our heavenly Father keeps His promises beyond our dreams; He covers our failures with His forgiveness and transforms our losses into His love; He magnifies and multiplies our often stumbling service; He takes care of the details of our lives beyond our wildest imaginings. Zion has been both a home for our faith and a foundation for our mission and ministry. We pray that we can continue to say “Thank You” to and through Zion for many years to come. IN THE NAME OF JESUS, THANK YOU!


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