Something to Live For

One need only turn on the TV news or flip open a favorite news app to find clear evidence of people’s distorted vision concerning just what is worthy of passion, treasure, and life.  We see the distortion and darkness of broken lives as people pour their hearts and souls into racially motivated killing rampages; into the persecution of religious groups that even involve the murdering of children; into online trolling by people hoping to tear apart the faith, hope, and joy of teens searching for a sense of self-worth in this world.

Countless hours and resources are devoted to actions, possessions, and ideologies that destroy.  We could sit back and mourn it, shake our fists in rage against it, and/or melt down into puddles of helplessness in the face of its ferocity and momentum.  Or…. we can pray to the Almighty God and Creator, who alone knows perfect love, goodness, and joy.  We can join Jesus on His mission of salvation, restoration, and love that seeks to reach those around us everywhere we are, every day of the week.  If people won’t come into a church building to be loved by Jesus, we have the awesome joy to bring Jesus to people where they are so they can be loved by Him.

This spring we studied Greg Finke’s book “Joining Jesus on His Mission:  How To Be An Everyday Missionary.”  It informed and inspired us to keep our eyes open for the everyday opportunities to pray, speak, and serve as agents of Jesus’ love for others.  We followed that study with the video-based series, “The Journey from Unbelief to Faith,” by the Lutheran Hour, which revealed the stories of several people who hated Christ but whose journey to faith and love for Jesus gives us ideas about how transformation might come also to others.

God has given us at Zion many blessings that propel us forward together in His mission to love and save “all nations” in this time and place.  Beyond buildings and stain glass, music and scholarship, God has given us each a unique part to play in His mission that goes with us everywhere.  Jesus gives us something to live for beyond just inviting people to Zion’s worship, activities, and studies.  When we were baptized into Jesus and given new life, forgiveness, and family, we were also given the promise that where we go, Jesus goes, and so does His mission. His presence offers us much comfort and his mission offers exciting, nervous anticipation. How will Jesus touch someone’s life through you today, tomorrow, the next day…?  Look for it.  Pray for it.  Celebrate it.  Live for it.

in Christ’s peace,

Pastor Stephen Heimer

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