Serenades that Say, “God Loves You.”

In June, Pastor Stephen and Mariachi San Pablo are visiting many Zion members who in one way or another have faced very difficult times in recent years.  Illness, the death of a loved one, and other set backs can often leave a person feeling very alone in their frustration and sadness.  IMG_9403Pastor Stephen and Mariachi San Pablo set the goal of conducting 40 serenades in the El Paso area during the month of June, calling it their “Summer of Serenades.”  As of the date of this post they have completed more than 20 toward their goal. Zion members are among many individuals nominated by loved ones to receive the serenades.  Others do not attend Zion or any church.  Pastor Stephen spoke about the visits to Zion members saying,

“The music is uplifting and as Zion’s pastor I have the special joy to say to our members that God is with them, they are loved, they are remembered.  The serenade tells them that we care.  Not very many pastors get to be part of such a talented and unique music ensemble that can easily show up on someone’s doorstep and start singing.  Our ministry agreement with YLM that has me spending part of my week there and with the mariachi makes this possible.”

In 2011 when Pastor Stephen was called to be pastor at Zion, the congregation designed the Call to include a ministry agreement with Ysleta Lutheran Mission Human Care (YLM) so that 2/3rd of his time would be dedicated to ministry at Zion and 1/3 to ministry at YLM.  Mariachi San Pablo is an outreach ministry of YLM.  The ministry agreement is also what provides for Pastor Howard Patten’s assistance to Pastor Stephen at Zion.  It’s a special season of life and mission together at Zion.  Praise the Lord.

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