Renovation Progress

Phases I and II of our flash-flood renovation are complete, thanks to the hard work of Zion volunteers, our super-dedicated trustees Charlie and Alex, and by JKS Properties the contractor doing the heavy lifting.

Flooring, walls, cabinets, and other materials damaged in Zion’s lower level were removed and replaced in the weeks following Easter Sunday.  The damage had been caused by flash-flood waters that had rolled down our El Paso streets from the mountains during the heaviest night of rain last fall.  Members of Zion and staff from the day school had rushed to the church in the middle of the night to place sand bags in front of the back entrances to the building, but water had already begun to fill the classrooms, entrance area, fellowship hall, and kitchen.

This winter we were overwhelmingly thankful to learn that our denomination, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS), has a Disaster Response program that wished to help us bring our facility back to an optimal condition for mission and ministry.  The Rocky Mountain District LCMS Disaster Relief Fund provided an additional grant to supplement the synod funds.  What a blessing to be helped by brothers and sisters in Christ from near and far to complete the difficult task of renovation during challenging economic times!

Here are a few pictures of the completed floors, walls, and kitchen.  Phase III is now underway, the final stage of our renovation, which will patch the portion of parking lot that was swept away in the flood and build a small wall near the back door to prevent further flooding.

The back entrance to the lower level of Zion was where flood water entered the building.

New cabinets and counters replace those ruined by flood waters.


Carpeting leading into the school was replaced with the same new tile used in all the flood-affected portions of the building.

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