Reformation Walk at Ascension Lutheran Church, October 28th!

In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, join us in a Reformation Walk! Step back 500 years and experience the sights, sounds and tastes of the Reformation. Learn how the world was changed forever and meet some of those who played a role in this transformation. Adults, teens and children are combined in groups (families stay together) and follow a map through ten stations from Martin Luther’s birthplace & throughout other significant points of the Reformation. This is a circuit-wide event in which the Ascension Board of Christian Education wishes to promote camaraderie and solidarity among fellow Lutherans.

You may order a ticket from the church office to attend. The church will pay the cost of

admission for anyone who wishes to go. It is a minimal cost of $2.00 for adults and

$1.00 for children 2 years and up. Just contact the church office or sign up at the back of

the church on any Sunday.

There are several ways in which you may

participate & help with this special project.

First, we’d like to offer transportation to anyone who needs it or would rather just ride along to Ascension that Saturday. If you can provide a ride or you need a ride, let Jason know in the church office and we’ll connect drivers and riders.

Second, Zion will be hosting two of the reformation walk booths. So this leads to the second way you might help. We are in need of actors to play the part of Martin Luther’s parents, Hans and Margaret, and Frederick the Wise. We also need two helpers in the areas to assist people at the booth.

There is yet a third opportunity to lend a hand. Do you have a knack for decorating? Or perhaps you have some of the items we are looking for to be able to put our actors in costume or set the stage for our designated rooms, Wartburg Castle and Luther’s birthplace. Items we are in need of are: long robes of dark colors, a desk, quill pen, ink bottle, candlestick or metal lantern, tapestries or long swaths of cloth that can be hung on walls, or parchment paper. Please contact Mary Sanchez if you have costume or decorating items we might borrow. This looks to be an exciting walk with a modified reformation service at the conclusion. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Ascension Lutheran Church 6520 Loma de Cristo Dr.


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