Our Juarez Mission Pastor in Lutheran Hour Message

Listen to the Sept 22nd message of The Lutheran Hour Ministries “Keep Calm and Pray On” and hear how Pastor Javier Lozano was saved from extortionists one morning in 2008.  Pastor Lozano led Spanish worship services here at Zion for a time after Pastor Ruiz retired, and Zion has been a big supporter of his ministry in Juarez in recent years. You may not know that in 2008, because of his work at a Juarez public school he was for several months in the cross hairs of extortionists, like so many others in the school systems of Mexico at that time. We praise God for the courageous work of the Mexico government and enforcement officers in helping bring the violence down and put an end to extortion that so many faced.  YLM is hard at work with and through Christian men and women like Pastor Lozano to bring healing for all in Juarez who have survived the cartel violence and extortion.

Listen to the Lutheran Hour Sermon MP3 –  “Keep Calm and Pray On”

Javier Lozano

Pastor Javier Lozano’s hair raising story, of how faith and prayer carried him through some scary moments in Mexico during the worst of the cartel violence, was mentioned in a recent message of The Lutheran Hour Ministries.

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