Multi-Mother, Family Baby Shower

“Celebrating Life Together”

 Sunday, January 29th; following worship Zion Lutheran Church, Auditorium (upstairs)

WHAT: This is a special event to thank the Lord for new life/families in fellowship as we welcome new “babies” into our Zion family. Think of it a bit like a Baby Shower, but oh so much more! Wow. Perhaps you remember our “Zion Baby Boom” during the Fall of 2015 ~ where we praised the Lord for three new babies. Well, God’s blessings continue into 2016, 2017, and beyond! This Baby Shower celebration will have food (lunch provided for those staying), fellowship, games, and more! It will be a great time to get to know each other better, to praise God, and to enjoy life together. This is a Congregation-wide event. Join us!

WHY: We want to thank the Lord for His precious gift of life. In this world, we will have joys and pains, new babies and aging, growth and struggles—and the Zion family celebrates it all and that we are not alone. We are together. Even more importantly, we have Jesus—Immanuel, God with us. We celebrate life’s beauty and that, through Christ by grace, we have eternal life forever. We thank the Lord for all these blessings. We welcome new babies and other little ones. We rejoice with those taking on the responsibility, challenges, and blessing of being parents.

HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE: Please plan to attend! The LWML is sponsoring this event; but all Zion families are invited to attend. (Men, too!) ANYONE can help—there are tasks before the event date, as well. Everyone is encouraged to volunteer to help. If you want to assist more, please contact Hannah Jackson, Krysia Heimer, or the church office. Thank you!

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