Standing Strong

Not by our own strength, but by the strength of God, do we stand. We fully rely on Christ and point you to His great love and provision for you too. God comes to us and strengthens us through His Word, by His Holy Spirit in baptism, and in Holy Communion. God’s strength flows through our transformed lives for the good of others.

Reaching Out

Eternal Life and all of God’s good gifts were won by Jesus Christ for all people, of every nation, language, race, age, background, and economy. God’s love is for you! We will do everything we can, as God enables us, to let you know of His salvation and to welcome you into our Christian community.

Growing Together

God does not leave us as we were before knowing and trusting Christ. He comes close to us and brings us into friendship, care, and shared purpose with each other. In our families, husbands and wives grow in love for each other as God’s love grows within them. Children and youth learn their valued place in God’s family. Care for the world, for orphans, widows, prisoners, neighbors in need… is an outpouring of God’s ongoing transformation of our lives and abilities to serve as His instruments of care for each other.

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