Juan Gabriel, Amor Eterno

The sudden death of the mega famous Mexican music composer and performer Juan Gabriel yesterday, by heart attack in California, is a loss being felt here in El Paso and our sister city Ciudad Juarez.  Juarez is Juan Gabriel’s birthplace. The day Juan Gabriel died, he was scheduled to travel to El Paso to perform live before large crowds of fans.  Tributes are being held all across our cities and in front of his home in Juarez.

Many of you know that part of my service as pastor at Zion is to continue singing, playing trumpet, and proclaiming the Gospel as a member of Mariachi San Pablo of Ysleta Lutheran Mission Human Care.  We have performed a medley of Juan Gabriel Songs in our concert programs for the past few years, and this summer, men in a California prison joined us in singing them word for word as we sang about love.

Juan Gabriel’s songs capture and express our varied emotions, challenges, victories, and heart-aches experienced as we encounter love in a world that can often thrill and then leave us broken-hearted.  Even good-love shared between people hits the road block of death. So in our concerts, after we sing the Juan Gabriel medley, we sing about Jesus and the love delivered to us through His life and death on the cross. There we find the a gift of love poured out for us that offers a truly lasting, all-enduring, ever-faithful love.

God’s love given to us in Jesus is the amor eterno, the eternal love, that even defeats death. It’s a gift of love offered to you, to Juan Gabriel, to all… (Rest in the Peace of Christ)

— Pastor Stephen

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