How to… Dedicate Altar Flowers?

Flowers are placed on the alter as an additional offering to the Lord. If you would like to purchase the flowers to be donated on a particular Sunday, here is the procedure: Sign up on the flower chart on the bulletin board at the back of the Sanctuary. Fill out an “Altar Flower Request Form”, which may also be found at the back of church, under the same bulletin board. Please return this form to the church office—OR you may place it in the offering plate at any time prior to the Sunday you have selected for your flower donation. Place your flower donation payment into the offering plate. Please be sure it is clearly marked “for flowers”. (There are envelopes designated for flowers in each offering envelope box.)

The flower request form is important for multiple reasons. Please do not skip this step, as it is the simplest way to communicate your request. This form asks if you want any specific flower colors or kinds, if available. It also gives you the opportunity to dedicate your flower offering in honor/memory of a loved one or certain event. If you fill out the form and the church office has more questions, you will be contacted.

You may choose to donate one arrangement or two. If more than one person wants to donate the flowers for the same Sunday, you can still sign up! The church office will work with all those who selected that day to place multiple arrangements in church.

For most weeks, the flower cost is $20 per arrangement. (Note that each arrangement would cost a little more if ordering directly from the florist.) If you have a special request and there will be an additional cost, the church office will notify you of this prior to ordering. The church office does all the flower ordering and our florist is great at working with us for special requests and our budget. Keep in mind that part of the deal is that the flower shop deals only with our church office; and this works well for all of us.

If you have further questions, please contact the church office, 566.4667. Thank you.

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