Goodbye 2017, Hello Jesus

“When the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son” Galatians 4:4

Christmas came at just the right time.  I’m not talking about our holiday celebration a few days ago, though the Gospel message you heard this December very well could have been the critical Word you needed to hear at just the right time in your life. I’m referring to, however, the historic moment of Jesus’ incarnate arrival into our human problem of sin, death, and the oppression of satan.  It was at the “fullness of time (Ga 4:4)” just the right time in history, for Jesus to come, for salvation to be won, for hope to be born for you and for me.  He did it!  It is done.  He accomplished our redemption and adoption into the everlasting family and glory of God.  Praise the Lord!

Because Jesus fulfilled all that is necessary for victory and everlasting life, our New Year’s resolutions can be wrapped up with joy instead of fear or anxiety about 2018.  Life is ours in Jesus.  Our faith in Christ means we get to live each day with eternity in our forecast.  We get to face problems and pursue goals with more than survival or short-term measurements of joy and success on our mind.  (A 120-year earthly life really is short-term compared to Jesus’ gift to us of eternity.)

Say goodbye to 2017 with gratitude for the good, with supplication concerning the painful, and with repentance for what was shameful.  Wrap your prayers and resolutions with heartfelt celebration of the redemption given to us by our God Almighty through Jesus Christ.  May 2018 be the year you grow the most in faith, peace, and joyful engagement in life of all your years so far.

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Stephen


A New Year Prayer

Lord, You make all things new. You bring hope alive in our hearts and cause our Spirits to be born again.
Thank you for this new year and for all the potential it holds as we seek You.  In the new year, may we open the door to Your Holy Spirit and trust in the saving name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Come and kindle in us a mighty flame, so that in our time, others will see Your love. Amen

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