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Two-Year Old Class

Two-Year Old classroom

We are learning who Jesus is.

What do we do all day? We explore God’s world while we are:

  • Using our five senses
  • Gaining independence and social skills
  • And having good, old- fashioned fun
  • Building toddler skills
  • Learning to make transitions

Three-Year Old Class

Three-Year Old Classroom

We are praising God with songs.

Three year olds are very busy using games and songs while we are learning about:

  • Shapes and numbers
  • Building small and large motor skills
  • Making transitions
  • Learning to follow directions

Four-Year Old Class

Four-Year Old Classroom

We are exploring the Bible through stories and songs.

We spend our day using games, songs and other fun hands- on activities while we:

  • Learn to be responsible and gain confidence in our
  • Emergent math and reading skills
  • Emergent fine motor skills


Kinder Classroom

We are learning to share Jesus with others.

In Kindergarten, we use hands- on activities and experiences while we are preparing for academic excellence in:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Science
  • Problem- solving
  • Character training

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