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Fall Greetings from the Day School!  “Let the children come to me” is what Jesus said to His disciples, and I imagine His smile as each morning we hear the pitter patter of little feet coming to Jesus at the day school. September was a busy month for us, with learning new routines, meeting new friends, and learning that we can be away from mom for a little while. We said “Hello” to some changes because of low enrollment this year. The public schools continue to add programs that make filling our school a challenge.


Fall Fun & Activities

The end of the month brought our Apple Festival, including apple games, crafts, and a yummy apple tasting party. We look forward to October with all the sights and sounds of fall popping up around us. The Fruit of the Spirit that God will be busy growing in our hearts for October is peace.  We could all use a healthy dose of peace, especially if we see or hear something scary away from school. We will celebrate the end of October with our Let’s Pretend Party! Who doesn’t enjoy pretending to be someone else for the day and having treats?


Other Ways YOU Can Help

We continue to collect Box Tops for Education and Price’s milk caps.  You will find containers for them in the foyer at the Montana entrance. Please let Nancy know if you would like a bag to hang on your fridge to collect them. There will be more information on our Fall Fundraiser coming soon!


Thank You!

Please let us express our thanks to all of you for your continued support.  Over the years, members have made donations to the school directly.  These always seem to come right when they are needed most.  Donations are Always much appreciated, and this year would be no different with our small enrollment. We will be bringing you more information on how you might help to ensure that Christian education continues in this place.

We ask, most importantly, for your prayers as together we continue to share the love of Jesus and make it possible for the little children to come to Jesus.

Blessings to all!!

Nancy Cagann, Director and the Day School Staff



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