Jesus Invites Us to Pray

God is almighty and God is merciful.  Because of Jesus, we have peace with God and share in all of His love.  He invites us to talk to Him and certainly in prayer we can bring Him our praise, our confession, our thanksgiving, and our every concern.  At Zion we encourage prayer and we know God is faithful in His response.

Prayer Time Together

On Sundays, our worship services at 10:30am are times of prayer together as a community.  On most Wednesdays at 5pm we also gather to pray in Spanish (contact us to confirm this week’s plans).

Individual Prayer

For your times of individual prayer for each other and for the world, we provide a list of prayer requests in each Sunday bulletin.  We also have a “prayer chain” -people who have committed to pray for the emergency and ongoing needs of others.  The “chain” in the name comes from the method of sharing the prayer request by telephone.  The first person in the chain receives the request and then calls the next person in the chain who then calls the next person, etc…  Some members of the prayer chain prefer email and will receive the request that way.  If you would like to join the prayer chain, please contact Pastor Stephen Heimer.

Prayer Request

If you would like a pastor and/or members of Zion to pray for you, please call (915) 566-4667 or fill out the form below which will send the request to Pastor Stephen Heimer by email.

This post is also available in: Spanish