Your children will learn the Bible here.

Children sing during worship at Zion.Sunday School:  At 9:15am the children gather into age-appropriate classes.  Also the youth and adults begin their sessions of Bible study. (learn more about the Youth Group)

Zion Day School:  Monday – Friday and in the month of June, the Zion Day School is ready to teach your pre-school children fundamental skills and knowledge in a Christian environment.  Learn more

Growing in God’s Word

– Every week, your children will be taught a different lesson from the Bible. They will begin to know the people, places, and events in the Old Testament and New Testament that are part of God’s work of salvation for us in Jesus Christ. There is a lot to learn, and children will benefit from our friendly, dedicated teachers and high quality, Biblical materials.

Remembering God’s Truth

– Every week, Bible memory verses will be introduced and practiced in class to help your children remember God’s truth, wisdom, commandments, and promises. A special private Facebook page for Sunday School families will provide a way for parents to find each week’s memory verse and share tips with other parents for memorization during the week.

Overflowing in God’s Love

– In class, the teacher and children will pray together for the needs of others. Periodically each class will make cards and crafts that can be given to people in their families or people on the congregation’s prayer list to let them know God loves them. Children will learn and act on the truth that we love and care for others because God first loved us.

Witnessing about God’s Grace

– In class, children will not only hear about God, but with each lesson they will be encouraged to talk about what they are learning. Speaking about God to their teacher and fellow students is the first step to telling others about God’s goodness and grace. Through their study of the Bible and care-focused activities, children will have stories of scripture and of life at the tips of their tongues that give witness about God’s grace.

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