Best Year of Sunday School Ever!

Teacher Workshop 2013

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Let this year be the best year you have ever had teaching Sunday School at your church. If you are currently teaching Sunday School, or assisting your church’s children’s ministry, or if you are wondering if teaching might be right for you, join us on September 14th for a teacher workshop. We are pleased to host this free training event designed to provide a jump start and a jump forward for you and other teachers at your church.

The workshop will provide you with:
– insight into behavior of different age groups and strategies for keeping them on track
– “busy-life” strategies for lesson preparation and a walk-through of some sample lessons
– insight into and materials for the G.R.O.W Method for children’s ministry.
– sharing and discussion of some “best practices” from experienced Sunday School teachers of different churches
– FREE breakfast and lunch!

Led by Rev. Richard Schlak (missionary, teacher, director of the Lutheran Hispanic Missionary Institute, and Pastor of Iglesia Cristo Luz del Mundo), this workshop will be a great help for you.

Cost: Free (includes free breakfast and lunch)
Date: Saturday, September 14, 2013                                                                                                                                     Time: 8:30am-12pm                                                                                                                                                 Location: Zion Lutheran Church, 2800 Pershing Dr., El Paso, TX 79903                                   Registration: Register now or call (915) 566-4667

If you are considering (even just a little) teaching or substituting in your church’s Sunday School or Children’s Ministry this year, don’t miss this opportunity to prepare. It will save you hours of time and help you be the best you can be as you “make disciples and teach” (Matt 28:19-20) children who desperately need to know all the Bible has to say about life and salvation.

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