Because of Jesus, Celebrating Life Together

2017 marks the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, a call to lift high the true and amazing Good News of Jesus Christ. In 1517, reform in the church was over-due and once sparked, it spread quickly throughout the world as people gained access to the original Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic texts of the Bible and new common-language translations based on those originals.

Technology had advanced so that the Bible and the teaching of Godís Word was more widely shared. Economic conflict in Europe and concern about invasion by Islamic Turks meant that reformers would not be quickly silenced as had happened in the past. Under government protection, Luther translated the Bible into German. William Tyndale in England translated the scripture into English. Spanish students and refugees from Spain such as Francisco de Enzinas and Casiodoro de Reina found hospitality and opportunity to study in Wittenberg, leading to the first translations of the Bible into Spanish. Francisco even lived for a time in the home of Phillip Melanchthon himself, author along with Luther of much of our Lutheran Confessions.

Today, we too face the push and pull of many interests, opinions, and world agendas. May the Bibleís word of law and gospel enlighten our lives together by the power of the Holy Spirit so we too might know the joy of sure salvation by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, because of Christ Alone. May we share many moments together as Godís diverse people of many languages, cultures, and backgrounds just as those who lived 500 years ago did when they caught the fire of faith and celebrated together, consoled together, and worked together in the love of Christ, to SHARE the salvation of Christ.

The January 29th ìCelebration of Life Togetherî at Zion was a beautiful gift to the six families being honored and to all of us. Thank you, LWML, for your vision and hard work to make it happen! Godís blessings and care to the children born, being adopted, and soon to be born who were celebrated that day.

Among many things, the event displayed once again for me how God brings people of many backgrounds together at Zion to know Him, share in His presence, and serve Him in mission. Life is precious and our life together in Christ is a beautiful legacy of, reflection of, and extension of the Reformation that was kindled 500 years ago. It is still all about Jesus. May He shine brightly in our lives together today.

In Christís love,
Pastor Stephen

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