Because Christ is Risen… GO CHIHUAHUAS!

Because Christ is Risen, Go Chihuahuas“Present yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life, and your members to God as instruments for righteousness. (Romans 6:13)” Question: How is this done!? Answer: Know and trust that God has accomplished this in Christ’s death and resurrection. This passage in Romans chapter six comes right after we are told that when we were baptized we were joined to Christ’s atoning death on the cross (and died with him) and are also joined to His resurrection (and will live in Him). We have been brought from death to life.

Paul is saying, “don’t live as if you haven’t been baptized, as if death still owns you!” Your life is placed under new management: the Living Savior, Jesus Christ, champion over death and the grave! God’s own Holy Spirit is dwelling in us! We became (by the Holy Spirit’s power working in us) “instruments of righteousness” when we were saved by faith in Jesus Christ who entered death and rose to victorious life. It is who we are now. Christ saves us and equips us as “instruments of righteousness” and we stand before him, remembering Christ’s work in our baptism, ready to live it.

Lots of El Pasoans are excited about the arrival of our new baseball team. The bold, the brave the CHIHUAHUAS!!! If life is a baseball game and we are the players, where would God be? Would he be the coach? A spectator? A scout for another team? If life is a baseball game, God is out on the field with us as champion of the game, living life with us for the good of others. He’s already won the victory for us. We are winners no matter what the circumstance and no matter how loudly the enemy roars. With God joining our game, we are brought from sinful, dead-end, loser-lives into champions of life. We get to play out the innings not as losers, but as victors.

Don’t fight it, friends. Don’t play life like a loser, letting sin and death call the shots. You’re a champion! You’re baptized! Live in it! Jesus washes you new everyday and makes every moment into a new opportunity to live out God’s goodness for the sake of others, rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through your life. Yesterday is gone. Today is victory, because Christ is Risen!

In Christ Love,
Pastor Stephen Heimer

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