All Can Participate in Vacation Bible School!

You can contribute to Vacation Bible School in a variety of ways! 

Below are some items needed for this summer’s activities. If you would like to contribute anything, please contact us! Questions or ideas about these types of items can be directed to Krysia Heimer or the church office (566-4667).

VBS Materials Needed:

‘ purple plastic tablecloths
‘ white and bright cardstock
‘ 3 6ft 2×4 wooden boards
‘ 1 or 2 inch blank wooden blocks
‘ medium or large size empty boxes
‘ rubber snake
‘ small jingle bells
‘ quart size ziploc bags
‘ 2 large boxes cornstarch
‘ 1 gallon vinegar
‘ large bottles black and white tempera paint
‘ black permanent markers
‘ 10 hula hoops
‘ large package balloons
‘ 3 extra large sponges
‘ 3 bags mini marshmallows
‘ 2 packages toothpicks
‘ pipe cleaners
We are working on a list of food donations that will be needed for the dinners each day.
If anyone has Medieval or Marketplace themed objects we could use as decoration they could be returned to their owners after VBS.  These items could include things like
‘ hay bale
‘ large baskets or burlap sacks
‘ small landscaping bridge like might be used to decorate a yard
‘ medium sized area rugs
‘ sword or shield decor
‘ old style lantern
 ‘ wooden bench
‘ quill and ink pot

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