Funds for Community Projects – Thrivent Action Teams

Thrivent Financial for Christians is providing funds that individual Thrivent members can apply for to carry out projects at Zion, Zion Day School, and with other charities. Are you a member of Thrivent (there are many at Zion)?

If you are a Thrivent member, consider applying for some Action Team funds this year:

  • Get together with some friends or a church group at Zion
  • Apply for the Thrivent Action Team funds at
  • Purchase the needed items with the $250 debit card Thrivent provides
  • Assemble the packages for distribution (either at YLM or at your church/school/home and deliver to YLM)
  • Share the good news with Thrivent and with your friends.

The project can be a hands on service project, outreach project, education project or a fund raiser to benefit a great cause. Idea List from Thrivent (PDF file)

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